About Us


StoriesBit is a company founded in London and operates in the Financial Market and the Cryptoactive Market.

We understand that the world has changed and digital operations are gaining more and more space and strength in the market. Our priority is to bring knowledge about the international financial market and cryptocurrencies to our clients.

In addition, we offer the possibility of entering this market in a simple and secure.


Profitable and Automated

Let our team generate income for you, without having to make an effort and pass hours in front of a computer screen.

Safe and Reliable

Our tool operates with absolute peace of mind, configuring filters for risk management of your capital according to the parameters presets.

Easy to use

You are a noob? If so, no problem! you don't need knowledge or experience to generate profitability as an expert. Through your Virtual Office you will monitor your earnings and you will be able to withdraw your income!



Own platform for our investors

We work with the best professionals and tools that exist in the market. Each participant can choose the plan they want to join.

The user will have access to a personal backoffie, where through him you will be able to monitor profitability, carry out new applications, follow the team's growth and enjoy everything your backoffice has to offer.

Work from home or from anywhere in the world. StoriesBit wants you to have geographic and financial freedom. Where you are and when you want. Everything in the palm of your hands!

Make your withdrawals and receive in Bitcoins. the most coveted currency of the world. All this in a few clicks.

Connect with the world! Storiesbit already operates in more than 100 countries around the world. It's your opportunity to build a business globally and further expand their knowledge and your earnings.


Download the business presentation and learn more details about the business plan StoriesBit compensation.


Can I earn without networking?

Yes. At Storiesbit you have the option to buy a pack and receive daily commissions from Monday to Friday, without the obligation to nominate people.

5% withdrawal fee

Withdrawals of amounts generated by the profitability of your package are released once every 30 days, respecting the package activation date. Withdrawals from bonuses from the network can be requested daily.

No. Once you have cleared your balance, you can request withdrawal 7 days a week

The deadline for payment is 48 hours after requesting withdraw

Daily profitability varies from 0% to 3% from Monday to Friday

After 48 hours from pack activation.

The earnings cap for any package is 300%. Upon reaching this limit, you decide whether to renew or not. You may choose to buy another package with the same value as yours. current package or upgrade to a higher package.

Yes. Storiesbit is a global platform, and it can be developed anywhere on the planet.


We are always open and we welcome any questions you may have for our team. If you wish to contact us, please fill in the form below. Somebody from our team will contact you shortly.

  • support@storiesbit.io